Project Sources


All data for this projects is available in geojson format and in Google sheets. These files were last updated 2020-12-01. It is made available as is directly from the data used for the project.

Collision Data:

  • PUB-1900056 records. FOI Request PUB-1900056. Thunder Bay Police Service , 3 May 2019. Print.
  • PUB-2000008 records. FOI Request PUB-2000008. Thunder Bay Police Service, 21 February 2020. Retrieved February 24, 2020.
  • 2020-03005 records. Ministry of the Solicitor General Ontario, request SOLGEN-A-2020-03005. 19 October. 2020, Retrieved 19 October 2020.

Map / Shape Data:

Population Data: